We invoke the Permaculture ethics of Earth care, People care and Fair share.
We are committed to a conscious, regenerative way of nourishing the landscape.

Through observation of the landscape’s natural cycles and preferences, we interact through soil amending applications, conscious water delivery/ retention, and with proper hand pruning.

Landscape Maintenance Health & Vitality
  • Fertilizing, feeding & soil care: We use organic and environmentally responsible products as needed or requested. All amendments/ materials will be billed in the month following their application.
  • Deep watering aspects of landscapes and new plantings in times of extreme heat or lack of precipitation.
  • Top dressing of mulch and gravel kept clean and evenly raked. Hardscaped areas kept clear of excessive weeds, debris or soil accumulation.
  • Choosing native volunteers selectively, when appropriate. Weeding around all cultivars within manicured aspects of landscape. Lawns will be neatly edged, mowed, fertilized and raked on an as-needed basis to the height preferred by the client.
  • Soil improvements using locally-sourced organic and biodynamic composts, Mycorrahazae and with sustainably blended products.
  • Water features reservoirs and filters kept clean of debris, if applicable.
Landscape Special Projects:
  • We are available for planting, transplanting and seasonal landscape care.
  • Hardscapes, driveways and fountain installation.
Our Commitment:
  • We communicate and respond via email, text ,or phone.
  • We are reliable and consistent with our scheduling; we communicate if there is a change on our end and remain flexible to accommodate your schedule changes for special events and additional requests.